Portable UE Boom 2 Speaker Review

Wireless Bluetooth speakers have completely changed the way people listen to music. These portable speakers help you instantly transform any space into a music room or even a party venue. But theĀ UE Boom 2 speaker is all set to rule the world of portable wireless speakers. This speaker is loaded with plenty of advanced features that give a whole new experience of listening to music or even watching your favorite movie on your wireless device.
Truly Waterproof

The UE Boom 2 is not just water resistant but completely waterproof that protects the speaker even when you accidentally drop it in water up to 1 meter. It is ideal to carry out when you are camping or fishing without any worries of damage due to rain or rough weather conditions. The unique design prevents water from entering the internal circuit and this speaker does not get damaged even in moist conditions. So this is definitely a highly durable speaker ever.

Connect Multiple Speakers

UE Boom 2 allows connecting up to 150+ speakers with each other to form a mega music system. This helps you carry your music system to places where traditional systems cannot reach. Places like resorts, forests, mountain ranges, hillside etc can easily be turned into mega party event venue. Just ask your friends to get their UE Boom 2 speakers and you are good to start a music party just about anywhere on earth.

Good Surround Sound

This compact bottle-shaped portable Bluetooth speaker delivers crisp and clear sound as good as bigger speaker systems. The bass and sound quality are simply amazing and can easily replace your traditional space consuming music systems. The volume is 25% higher than its predecessor and you can experience 360 degrees of music with this wonderful speaker system. You can connect up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time.

Convenient Features

Near the power button is touch sensitive gesture control that allows you to pause and play the music with a single tap. You can change the track by double tapping with two fingers. So you need not take out your phone or tablet to control the music. It has a range of up to 100 feet and a battery backup of 15 hours of playtime. You can even update the speaker’s firmware over the air via the UE Boom 2 app. So no more connect the speakers to your computer to perform the update. The app also lets you add another UE speaker using which you can make a twin speaker for your smartphone. The number of speakers is said to be increased to ten in the future.

Stylish Design

This speaker comes with an attractive design with close-knit fabric mesh around that makes the speakers sturdy and durable. With one touch pairing button, you can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device instantly. It has a rubber spine with easy to access volume control that is quite bigger. The bottle shape design makes it easy to just slide inside your trouser pocket or inside the side pouch of a backpack.

Overall, This UE Boom 2 review is to tell you how amazing the speaker is and definitely great value for money.