IdeaTorrent will go directly 2.0!

After much consideration on the current state of IdeaTorrent and the need to have an always more configurable, powerful and modular IdeaTorrent, it has been decided that we will go directly to IdeaTorrent 2.0, with a complete rewrite of the core.

This rewrite will allow us to include some of the more asked features, such as MySQL support, much easier theming with the Drupal standard theming functions, and much much more modularity and configuration options. For example, the choice to use either plain ideas (like the old Ubuntu Brainstorm), or rationale/solutions ideas (like the current one).

And of course, there will be an upgrade path from 0.9 to 2.0.

So if you have some more great ideas for IdeaTorrent, now is the best time to ask for them onĀ our own IdeaTorrent!

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